Reflexology Shoes




Reflexology (foot massage) rebalances the energies of the body and stimulates natural healing. Parts of the body are said to be “reflected” in the soles of the feet, and applying pressure to these specific zones can influence the relevant organs.

Foot massage is evident in early Egyptian writing, and was also practised in ancient Greece and China, as well as by the Cherokee Indians in the Americas. During the twentieth century, physiotherapists in the USA and Europe developed the theory and mapped the reflex points on the feet.

Reflexology explained

Eastern medicine practices believe that a ‘vital energy’ (Chi) is carried to every part of the body in a system of channels called meridians, much as the blood is carried to and from the heart in veins and arteries. By massaging an pressure point on a meridian line can affect the movement of the chi. Working on the right spot can free trapped chi, slow it down if it is moving too fast or encourage it into an area that it has been bypassing.

Compared to western practices, this is aimed at strengthening and healing the whole self (often including non-physical levels such as the spiritual and emotional) rather than simply identifying and attacking certain unwanted symptoms.




A trained reflexology therapist will stimulate the soles of your feet in a gentle and controlled manner, in a calm and relaxing environment.

By stimulating the reflex points on the sole of the feet, the theory is that crystalline deposits of acid in the feet can be broken down, resulting in improved circulation

Reflexology is recommended for a number of conditions:

·          Stress and anxiety / insomnia

·          Headaches and migraines

·          Sinusitis / eczema / wound healing / back pain / arthritis / sciatica

Role as a complementary therapy

 Reflexology is in part accepted by the NHS as a complementary therapy.

Massage sandals

Our reflexology massage sandals are made of natural stones according to the foot massage theory of traditional Chinese medicine.

Walking on them is comparable to a personal reflexology session. Each smooth stone corresponds to a different acupressure point on the sole of the foot, and the different colour stones contain different wholesome elements. In particular, the black stones contain magnetic material. Wearing the shoes improves chi and blood circulation

We offer several different variants to match your taste. The standard sandals are very colourful and are suitable for indoor use for most of the year.

Our waterproof shower sandals allow you to massage your feet while you stand in the shower. We recommend these if you wish to incorporate reflexology into your daily routine with ease.

For the cold winter we offer sandals that have a synthetic fur-style lining for the front of your feet, ensuring that your precious feet are kept warm and comfortable.

All are available in a range of colours and sizes.


A personal reflexology treatment with a therapist will cost about £25 per one-hour session and the effect of reflexology will last for around a week.

However, for the same amount of money you can have the benefits of reflexology any place, any time with our massage sandals, or as complement to your current treatment.

This is the advantage of having your own reflexology massage sandals. By gently walking, standing or sitting indoors for only 15 minutes a day. It is a simple and very affordable method.

You do not need to make the time to arrange a reflexology session when you are busy; you can just walk yourself to better health, to take your health and wellbeing to the next level.


Availability Color  - Red, Blue, Yellow, Brown -  Sizes between UK 4 and UK 14.

Cost £25 - for ordering call 07940784657, 07946084848